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    Terrible experience so far

    Tom Burgess

      I think back to a couple of weeks ago when I received my Sybex 70-740 study guide.... 


      After reading the Microsoft Exam Ref written by Craig Zacker and thinking it was quite good, I found that it in fact was no longer relevant to the actual exam as it was written before the exam was finalised!! Hence my purchase of your book.


      It's not going well to say the least and my opinion of the book and your other resources is not good so far!


      Firstly, the sign up to your website, or many websites I should say, is a nightmare.  None of the URLs in the book actually take you to where you they are supposed to and the constant jumping from one domain to another is frustrating.  Access codes don't work, activation codes don't work, what a mess.  After 30 minutes of messing around I finally got in.

      First problem, the videos from chapter 1 that are supposed to exist on the "Other Study Tools" tab of http://sybextestbanks.wiley.com don't exist, great start.


      Chapter 1 was readable, concise and to the point, following some sort of logical order.  Chapter 2... what the hell happened there?  Exercises that don't finish the exercise that they are supposed to be explaining, i'm referring to 2.3 and 2.4.  Claims that numerous subjects will be covered in the following sections when they are totally absent from the book, i'm referring to Windows SIM and the creation of the unattend.xml file mainly but there are many more inconsistencies.  An appallingly written chapter that has probably damaged my knowledge on the subjects covered more than helped.


      I find myself at the end of that chapter tonight, and headed for the website to take a few quizzes and flashcards.  Took a quiz... same questions as in the book... sigh.  Try some flashcards... no idea how they are supposed to work.  Look at the question and click next and it is marked as incorrect, click the button to reveal the answer and it's marked as incorrect.  Is that how it is supposed to work??  Is there a button missing?  I'm lost on that one.  Oh, tried 2 sets of 5 flashcards... same questions on both lol.


      I'm not sure whether to read the rest of this book now, i'm genuinely worried that it will damage my chances of success.