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    Wiley Needs Training on Support

    Michael Smith

      I have been in an (almost hour) chat conversation with a Wiley Representative on downloading the textbook. OBVIOUSLY, Wiley support staff need some training on the software and how to use it.


      See below - I've removed some conversation that is specific to my account - but I initially started off the conversation trying to get access to the textbook and we went in circles. The ONLY reason I am trying to download the textbook is because during some of the graded assignments in Accounting 2001, when you click on the "Link text" option that is supposed to reference you back to the book - it doesn't necessarily reference what the question is asking. As an example one of the questions I had was regarding financial statements. The "link text" took me to the chapter 5 learning objectives, but it was really covered in Chapter 4. Since I didn't have the download, I had to go all the way out of the assignment and back to assigned reading to view it. As we all know with wiley, you can't have two browsers open with both the book and the homework!


      Wiley Customer Service


      Thank you for contacting Wiley. Would you please provide a description of the issue that you are currently having?

      10:02:56 PM





      10:02:59 PM

      Why is it when I click on the downloadable textbook it does nothing

      10:03:16 PM

      Wiley Customer Service


      I'll be more than happy to assist you with that.

      10:03:48 PM

      Did you download the Vital source?

      10:04:09 PM



      no idea what that is

      10:04:56 PM


      Wiley Customer Service


      That is the app you need to download in order for the Etext book to work.

      10:05:31 PM




      When I click on the downloadable textbook option in Wiley it does not even go to the next page to tell me more information about it

      10:06:08 PM

      Do you want to remote into my system?

      10:06:17 PM

      Wiley Customer Service


      That's okay without the vital source downloaded their is nothing to do.

      10:09:02 PM

      I will send you the Link and the instructions okay.

      10:09:21 PM




      10:09:26 PM


      Wiley Customer Service


      Please allow me a minute to get the information for you.

      10:10:19 PM

      Can you kindly provide to me your registration code.

      10:14:00 PM



      ****PROVIDED CODE****

      10:16:50 PM


      Wiley Customer Service


      Thank you.

      10:16:57 PM

      Thank you for allowing me the time to work on this for you. Here are the instructions.
      Please use the following steps to dowload the VitalSource Bookshelf and your e-text.

      Go to https://support.vitalsource.com/hc/en-us/articles/201344733

      1* Click the windows button if you own a PC, or the Mac OS X if you own an Apple computer to download Bookshelf.
      2* Follow the installation instructions.
      3* Complete all fields in the Registration form

      After the account is created, you will need to click on the Account menu and Redeem code.
      You will be prompted to enter your activation code and click OK.
      Your e-text will then begin to download and be added to your VitalSource library

      10:19:53 PM



      let me try this now

      10:21:55 PM


      Wiley Customer Service


      Okay sure.

      10:22:07 PM

      Take your time.

      10:23:45 PM



      now where do I get this code from

      10:25:18 PM


      Wiley Customer Service


      Allow me another minute to get that for you.

      10:25:37 PM





      10:25:40 PM


      Wiley Customer Service


      Thank you.

      10:25:49 PM

      I do apologize for the inconvenience this has cause you but, however upon reviewing this information you do not have access to the E text book you only have access to the online version of the book.

      10:34:18 PM

      So in that case you cannot access it unless you purchase the Etext book.

      10:34:54 PM



      Why am I getting these messages then indicating I can download it

      10:35:35 PM

      Read, Study and Practice will give you full access to the eTextbook for this course. If you would like a downloadable and fully mobile version of the eTextbook you can click on “Downloadable eTextbook” in the navigation menu above.

      The additional features available for the downloadable eTextbook are:

      Online and Offline Access
      Note Taking
      iOS/Android App Access
      Save to the Cloud
      Read Aloud functionality

      10:35:47 PM

      Get the flexibility of Wiley E-Text!
      ✓ Mobile access anywhere, anytime
      ✓ Available online & offline
      ✓ Highlight, bookmark, search, take & share notes

      10:36:43 PM

      Wiley Customer Service


      I am very sorry but I do not understand why this is happening.

      10:37:11 PM


      Well if you don't understand, how am I supposed to?

      10:38:35 PM

      Who can rectify this. I need the e-textbook download and quickly

      10:38:48 PM

      Wiley Customer Service


      I'm sorry but I am getting information from my supervisor and he is telling me that the information you are receiving is just an add.

      10:39:50 PM

      According to your purchase it states that you just purchase the Instant Access Only that comes with the i=online version of the book.

      10:41:00 PM



      See above link I posted

      10:41:09 PM


      10:41:10 PM

      This is on your website that I can change it over

      10:41:18 PM

      to a downloadable

      10:41:21 PM

      How do I do that as my original question states. The link above references me clicking on the downloadable textbook link - which to my original question I stated is not going anywhere.

      10:42:03 PM

      Wiley Customer Service


      Okay Mike if you can look carefully it states that "In the past, you could purchase the e-text when you purchased WileyPLUS as a bundle"

      10:44:26 PM

      In that case what you needed to do was purchase the bundle that included the Etext to have access to it.

      10:45:30 PM



      Are you reading the same thing I am reading?

      10:46:04 PM

      Continue on reading

      10:46:09 PM

      In the past, you could purchase the e-text when you purchased WileyPLUS as a bundle

      10:46:19 PM

      BUT you would not have an option within WileyPLUS to purchase the e-text if you change your mind.

      10:46:30 PM

      know you are excited but it gets even better! Even though you did not purchase the e-textbook in a bundle, you will still get that bundle price for a price of $18 across all WileyPLUS courses.

      10:46:37 PM

      To purchase your e-textbook, please click on the “Downloadable e-Textbook” option located beside Orion.

      10:46:53 PM

      Wiley Customer Service


      Okay, so you still need to purchase it.

      10:47:37 PM




      AS I STATED ORIGINALLY - I click on the downloadable textbook option as the screenshot shows and my page goes no where. To my original point - how do I go about purchasing the textbook and making the downloadable option available

      10:47:42 PM

      I feel as if I have gone in circles for the last 30 minutes

      10:48:00 PM

      Wiley Customer Service



      10:48:03 PM

      Let me verify that for you then.

        • Re: Wiley Needs Training on Support
          Tom with Wiley

          Hello Michael,


          I'm sorry for the frustration you've experienced with both our product and our team.  I'm Tom from Wiley's Technical Support team.  I'm creating a support case for you and will be emailing your shortly with information on how you can obtain your Downloadable eTextbook  from within WileyPLUS.


          Thank you for reaching out.




          Tom with Wiley