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    I need to transfer classes

    Louis T

      Hey yall,


      I just need to transfer physics courses and I can't.


      I can't access the customer support and the Contact Us page gives me this timed out error so I am kinda trapped


      PHYS 225/226/227: FUNDAMENTAL PHYSICS, F17 PHYS 226 18921 04-LEC Khakoo


      This is the class I need, can anyone help me transfer?


      Thanks, Louis T

        • Re: I need to transfer classes
          Tom with Wiley

          Hello Louis,


          I'm sorry for your troubles.  I'm going to create a support case for you and move you to the proper class section.


          The fastest way to achieve this, should you be in this position again, would be to access LIVE CHAT here on this website.




          Tom with Wiley