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    Reed Harp

    reed harp

      I have accidentally enrolled into the 2016 fall course for my class instead of the 2017 fall course is there anyway that I can fix that or get into contact with someone that can?

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          Chrys C.

          Hello Reed,


          Thank you for your post!


          What is your instructor's name and the course id for the section you need to be in? I may be able to move you, but doing so will result in a loss of any scores you had in the old section.


          Have a great weekend!


          - Chrys

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              reed harp

              My instructors name is Kanalis Ockree and the course ID is 600355 and the school is Washburn University. Also I think the course I am trying to get into is the only Fall course she has for Intermediate Accounting. I was just in a rush and got into the wrong one. Thank you for your help and have a great weekend!