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    Registration code

    Huy Tran

      Hi everyone!

      I'm having a problem with the registration code. I purchased the 14th edition textbook which came with the code enclosed inside. I'm taking the course which requires the 15th edition, and now I cant use the 14th code to access to my class. Is there any way that I can convert my 14th code to 15th, so I don't have to purchase a new code.

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          Tom with Wiley

          Hello Huy,


          I'm Tom from Technical Support--the best way to handle this would be to contact Tech Support via LIVE CHAT and we can assist you immediately.


          That being said, I've already created a support case for you and will be emailing you shortly.  Please, reply to the email with information I request and I should be able to assist you.




          Tom with Wiley