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    Posting Here because Customer Service Contact is Broken

    Jason Suire

      "UPDATE: This is the fourth time I've tried to send this message. I keep getting errors. Seriously, work on your customer service. This is absolutely unacceptable.



      First off, if Wiley is expecting any sort of actual feedback from its students, the "Contact Us" shouldn't lead through a rabbit hole of creating a separate account. I should be able to contact Wiley about issues with my WileyPLUS account and the fact that I can't shows a major shortcoming in the customer service area of this company.



      Secondly, this new interface for WileyPLUS which includes touch screen buttons is awful. The input interface was already lackluster due to its strange quirks, but this new update makes operating with a keyboard practically impossible. I can't backspace, and the Erase button doesn't work on anything in parentheses. Furthermore, the shortcuts such as typing "sin" no longer exist, so it just makes it more delving through submenus to get what I need. I can't even use ^ to indicate that I'd like to input an exponent. This seems extremely counter intuitive and is such an unbelievable problem to have since students are basically strong-armed into paying a ton of money for this software when free resources such as Khanacademy, Mathways, Symbolab, etc., have managed to create extremely intuitive math interfaces that are robust enough to translate typing "sin(x)" or allowing someone to register "2^2" as 2x2.



      The previous interface needed a lot of work--something I believe should never have been an issue for so long when the previously stated freewares managed to figure it out long ago. But this new solution is intolerable."