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    How to submit an errata form

    chris Ward

      I found a couple errors in a for Dummies book.  where is the Errata Form that is mentioned on the website so I can submit for correction?

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          Chrys C.

          Hello Chris,


          Thank you for your post!


          Please supply any errata you've discovered, including page numbers, and the ISBN of your book, and I will submit it to the editors.


          Have a nice weekend!


          - Chrys

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              Tomo G



              Could you please notify the authors of the book below of an error in their book?


              The error is in the illustration on page 178. At Router 2 the inbound "Secret Key" is listed as "C". Instead the inbound "Secret Key" should be "B". This would match the outbound Router 1 "Secret Key" that is listed as "B" and the description provided in point #3 on the same page.


              Kind regards, Tomo


              CISSP For Dummies, 5th Edition

              Lawrence C. Miller, Peter H. Gregory

              ISBN: 978-1-119-21023-8