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    CCENT E3 Wiring Diagrams

    Steve Willson

      I have a question about wiring figures In the CCENT E3 Study Guide by Todd Lammle (ISBN: 978-1-119-28878-7)


      In the Ethernet wiring section in Chapter 2, the RJ45 connectors show the tab on both the right and left side of the connector, does this indicate that I am looking at the connector from the front? If so, the numbering of the pins is inconsistent, starting with 1 on the top when the tab is both on the right and left side of the connector.


      I recommend that the RJ45 wiring diagram pictures be replaced by a 3D view of a RJ45 connector with the pinouts consistently labeled.


      Affected Figures:






      Chapter 2 Review Questions 7, 9, and 12.