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    I Accidentally Registered for the Wrong Class!

    Madison Burch

      Ok, let's try again. I made a post asking for help on this matter (details in the original post below). However, I failed to mention that I was retaking this class from the spring semester, with a different professor. While trying to get Wiley to allow me to change classes, I accidentally signed up for one that took place in 2014 instead of 2017. When I asked for help, the person who was supposed to move me over to the right class saw that there were two statistic classes (the first time I took it and the accidental one), and assumed I had already resolved the problem. They locked the discussion as answered, so I couldn't correct this assumption, and if there is a way I could unlock it myself, I didn't find it. So now I'm making another post.

      Madison BurchLevel 0

      I had a lot of trouble getting signed up for WileyPlus, and it seems I accidentally signed up for a class from 2014 instead of 2017! Please help, I've already paid for the class to! Is there a way I can just be moved into the correct class, or be refunded the money from the wrong one? I'm currently in DSCI: BUSINESS STATISTICS, DSCI 3231-01 Summer 2014, and I need to be in DSCI 3321: BUSINESS STATS, DSCI3321 11/12 Summer 2017. Please help! The ID of the class I need to be in is 583076.