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    Geoffrey Mille

      Hello Ma'am or Sir,


      I've been in the Department of Defense game of health education, health promotions, injury prevention, post rehabilitation, pre/post partum physical training, athletic performance and tobacco cessation more on than off spanning across the past 12 plus years. I'm also, at the tail end of a PhD in the related field. 


      Over the years, I've found myself moving onto exercise physiologist, health education, health promotions and/or tobacco cessation roles across the local installation and both minor and major command consultant levels between the Departments of the Air Force, Army and Navy facing a reinvention of the wheel at each level.


      Do you all have books or intention of the Department of Defense dummies guide to:

        -  health education

        -  health promotions

        -  injury prevention

        -  post rehabilitation

        -  pre/post partum physical training

        -  athletic performance

        -  tobacco cessation


      Have a great day.