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    New Errata Entry - AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide: Associate Exam

    William Stair

      In appendix A, the answer to chapter 9 question 20 is wrong.  The answer guide gives the answer "D", which is the LAST step that should be performed, not the FIRST step.  The correct answer is A.


      Chapter 9 Question 20:

      When configuring Amazon Route 53 as your DNS service for an existing domain, which is the first step that needs to be performed?

      A. Create hosted zones. <== CORRECT ANSWER

      B. Create resource record sets.

      C. Register a domain with Amazon Route 53.

      D. Transfer domain registration from current registrar to Amazon Route 53. <== PROVIDED ANSWER


      WRONG answer (Appendix A chapter 9 answer 20):

      D. You must first transfer the existing domain registration from another registrar to Amazon Route 53 to configure it as your DNS service.


      CORRECT answer:

      A. Create hosted zones.


      First, "D" is wrong because you don't have to transfer the "domain registration" at all.  Route 53 is the "DNS service" provider as soon as your domain registrar's name servers have been updated to use Route 53 (step 5 below). Second, "D" is wrong because if you transfer the "domain registration" before transferring "DNS service", your website, email, and web applications could become unavailable. I.e. you must NOT transfer your registration first.  Creating the hosted zones is the first step of transferring your DNS service. Should you *also* wish to transfer your "domain registration", transfer the "DNS service" first.


      For reference:



      The correct steps for configuring Route 53 to provide DNS service for an existing domain are:


      Step 1: Create a Hosted Zone (in Route 53 using the domain name that is to be transferred)

      Step 2: Get Your Current DNS Configuration from Your DNS Service Provider

      Step 3: Create Resource Record Sets

      Step 4: Check the Status of Your Changes (API Only)

      Step 5: Update Your Registrar's Name Servers

      Step 6: Wait 48 Hours for Your Changes to Take Effect

      Step 7: (optional) Transfer domain registration from current registrar to Amazon Route 53.