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    Indexing of Wiley book series on Scopus

    Marco Aldinucci



      In Italy, researchers and professor are regularly evaluated on their publishing performances. This happens for career development, funding, participation to boards, etc. Several indexes are taken in account depending on specific evaluation exercises. The most frequently used are IF and citation count  observed on Scopus and ISI web of knowledge. Basically, we could expect that either a product is indexed in Scopus or is not a target for any good paper. Book series from different publisher can be indexed in scopus, provided the publisher requires the indexing (here https://www.elsevier.com/solutions/scopus/forms/publisher-books-suggestion ) and the Scopus advisory board accepts the publishing flow of book series.


      Personally, I have published a paper in a Wiley book series: Wiley: Programming Multicore and Many-core Computing Systems - Sabri Pllana, Fatos Xhafa

      A unfortunate book, submitted 2011, published 2017 (because editor responsibility, I believe, not Wiley itself). According to google scholar, some of  chapters of the book today exhibit hundreds of citations (a significant number in this research area). None of them unfortunately counted in Scopus. 


      For this I'm asking Wiley to please submit to Scopus a request for indexing this book series (including this specific volume).



      Marco Aldinucci

      University of Torino, Italy