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    AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Official Study Guide - Associate Exam - Exercise 2.3

    Srinivas Yelamanchili

      At the end of the Exercise 2.3:

      "Note that when you select Show Version, the Amazon S3 URL now includes the version ID in the query string after the object name."


      In the new console UI there's no 'Show Version' button. (You can click on 'Latest Version' to see list of versions).

      No matter which object version you choose, the S3 URl is always the same (without version id) and Version ID attribute is listed in an another line.

      I don't find an S3 URl with version ID included as a query string parameter.


      So, where in the console do we find the S3 URL with version ID as query string parameter?


      FYI, I added "?version_id=<versionid>" to the S3 URL and it always shows the content of the latest version