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    PDF file for the General Physics, 3rd edition, Kane & Sternheim, 1988

    Abdullah Mohammed

      Hi everyone, how are you doing?

      I've a really simple but important request.

      I have been searching for days and days to find the PDF file of the following book: General Physics, 3E, by Morton M. Sternheim and Joseph W. Kane, published by John Wiley in 1988.

      I couldn't find it anywhere. I have an exam at the end of this month

      I already found it on Amazon and some other online stores, the only problem is that I'm living in Jordan, and if I order it now it will take more than a month to arrive (and they will take more than 50 USD as a shipping taxes.)

      The book shop in our university is already providing a copy of it, but it is a really bad copy that I threw it away straight after I bought it.

      Can anyone please provide me the PDF file of the mentioned book, or the 2E? I really need it, I need to study.

      This is my E-mail (just in case): HewlettPackard245se@hotmail.com

      If I was studying in the time I spent it searching for this book, I might be finished at least 2-3 chapters. I spent 9-11 hours (just yesterday) searching for this book.

      Thanks in advance.

      Best regards,