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    Quiz problems

    eat rpm

      Hi Customer Support


      I've just completed a quiz in Cloud+. I answered all the questions but this is the summary I got:

      • Total Questions in Quiz - 10
      • Total Questions Attempted - 0
      • Total Questions Bookmarked - 0
      • Total Questions Skipped - 10


      I didn't skip any questions so why does the system think I did?


      I white-listed Ublock Origin for Wiley.com in case it was interfering, but it looks like the problem wasn't that ... any ideas?





        • Re: Quiz problems
          Tom with Wiley

          Hello Eat,


          I'm sorry about that, what most likely happened is that when you selected your answer, you clicked "next" to take you to the next question, rather than "submit answer."  Thus, your answers weren't recorded.



          If this isn't the case, please provide a screenshot after completing the test and pressing the "review" button.


          Thanks for reaching out!


          Tom with Wiley

          • Re: Quiz problems
            eat rpm

            Hi Tom


            Thanks for the reply. I didn't realize that was necessary.


            If I have any more problems, I'll contact support again.