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    William Daniel Balmaceda

      Is there any expiry on the code included in my book? Also, how long will it take before it expires? I registered the code for my class in the last term in blackboard and now I went to tools>>WileyPlus>>WileyPlus assignments, an agreement screen opened and I pressed accept without reading. Now it is asking me for a code.

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          Tom with Wiley

          That's an excellent question, William!


          WileyPLUS codes are always on your account.  They are specific to the textbook and edition.  I see that you have registered for the following texts:


          Young, Algebra and Trigonometry, 3e  (You have a code here)

          Anton, Calculus Early Transcendentals, 10e (You'll need a new code here)


          As these are two different books, you'll need two different WileyPLUS codes.


          Tom with Wiley