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    Latency - Alert

    Corey Frad



      Some of my students are having problems taking a test because the website locks up and then they have to restart the test.  Anyone else having a problem?

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          Tom with Wiley

          I'm sorry you've been having latency issues with WileyPLUS, Corey.  WileyPLUS is currently up and running at 100%.  Please, contact tech support if you are experiencing connectivity issues.

          Also, I recommend these best practices for accessing WileyPLUS:


          • Regularly clear your cache and cookies in your internet browser to ensure clean login sessions.


          • Always connect to WileyPLUS from a reliable and stable internet connection.  Mild Wi-Fi connection problems can cause sessions errors.


          • Always connect to WileyPLUS from a PC/Mac or Laptop, never from a mobile device.


          • Lastly, and probably most importantly, should you be experiencing a technical issue, please contact our Tech Support through LIVE CHAT on our support site immediately.  Issues are best handled as they occurring, as we can see what’s happening and work to resolve it. (www.wileyplus.com/support)


          Thanks for reaching out!


          Tom with Wiley