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    Enterprise Architecture for Dummies

    Gareth Baxendale


      I would like to suggest a Dummies book on the topic of Enterprise Architecture. I note that IT Architecture is available which is one subset of the wider EA approach.


      As an author and EA practitioner I would be keen to support such a book; I believe it would have universal appeal to all global businesses in assisting them with surfacing the business processes and capabilities in a reusable manner to inform all future business change and project work, effectively creating a business blueprint for the organisation.


      Setting up an Architecture practice can be daunting and there are many lessons that could be shared. Also understanding the pro's and con's of the various frameworks is key to making the right choices.


      Given that Wiley do not solicit suggestions I thought a bit of crowd-sourcing of opinion might add weight to my campaign!




      Gareth Baxendale FBCS CITP

      Head of Technology

      NIHR Clinical Research Network