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    Biocatalysts and Enzyme Technology

    Tine Wolff


      I teach the course 'Enzyme Technology' at Aarhus University and I use Biocatalysts and Enzyme Technology (Buchholz et al) as the main syllabus. I am including the exercises from the book in my lessons and I was wondering if there are answers available for these exercises?


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          Tia Morley

          Hi Tine,


          Thank you for your message.


          Please be advised that providing you are either a lecturer or professor, you are able to gain access to our Instructor resources available on our homepage www.wiley.com.

          These resources are available for a wide range of our books but unfortunately not all, I have checked to see If the title you have stated has resources but unfortunately it does not.


          If you would like to check the availability for other titles on this subject please see the below link and type a subject into the keywords bar:


          Wiley: Home


          If you have any queries or require further assistance  please do not hesitate to contact me.


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