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    Errors accessing class page?

    Peter Tinker

      I'm just trying to do my homework, and up until this Thursday, two days ago, I've had no problems accessing the website.  However, recently, me and all of my classmates are getting the same error and are effectively being denied access to our own homework, which we are graded on (without mercy.)


      When I try to click on my Physics Class, I get this error:


      An error occurred while processing your request.

      Reference #97.9a33fea5.1486883861.133aed4


      Sometimes I break through and I can get to the assignment, but it never lasts as long as I need to answer questions, and it just hangs on the answer question button.


      It's extremely frustrating and I don't know of any way to fix it save for trying to access it on my phone, which seems to have no problems.  Though it's not impossible to do my homework, it's pretty inconvenient, and I'm unable to do any parts that require Adobe Flash Player through my phone.