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    My assignments aren't showing

    William Mayer

      Hello.  I'm taking a financial accounting course at Bergen Community College in NJ that uses WileyPlus for its assignments and homework, as well as has our textbook online. The problem I have is that my assignments page doesn't show any assignments available, even though my professor says the other students in the class have accessed the assignment.  He sees that I'm in the right class and section.  Not only this, but also that the home page both tells me that there's an assignment available and that the class announcement declares that one is soon due.  Like I said, when I click on the link for the assignments page, I get there and read it saying, "No assignments available."


      I've tried opening WileyPlus for the course on a Mac with 10.10 Yosemite (I first tried it with a Windows 10 PC), clearing my cache and cookies on the PC, and switching browsers from Chrome to Firefox.  Nothing works.


      What is going on? Please, help!

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          Tom with Wiley

          Hello William--Thanks for reaching out!


          I see that you are in class section "SP'17 ACC 110 - 603."  There is currently only one assignment assigned in that class section and it isn't available to students until 8PM EST today.  What class section are you supposed to be in?


          I'm going to send you an email as well, to ensure you see this.


          Tom with Wiley



          SP'17 ACC 110 - 603

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              Colin Fleming

              I am having a similar problem for Kieso, Intermediate Accounting, 11e, CDN Vol 1&2SCS0982 - Ornstein - Section 104 - Winter 17

              I purchased the grace period for this course and only week 1&2 assignments were visible (which I completed) but week 3 assignments were not displayed until I bought the online version however the deadlines passed. My instructor directed me to see if this issue has been addressed with Wiley. I would still like to do these assignments as I was unaware of their existence.


              Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.