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    I can't create a new account???

    Sheila Tran

      I need to start using WileyPlus, create an account, and enter the registration code I got for my physics book. First, the code I got has directions to click on "get Started" but there is no "get started" button. I instead went to find my physics course, and once I found it and hit the green enter button to continue, and I came to the User and Agreement Terms and Conditions page, I checked "I Agree to these terms" and I clicked "continue".  Then an error page came up saying "We are having problems authenticating your account. You will need to logout and log back in."

      Help!!! I need to make an account by tomorrow for homework assignments on wileyplus!!! But how can I create an account when the website won't let me?? I've tried clearing my cache and cookies and even going incognito, and I've retried to enter my information 5 times!