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    Question Regarding Errata Submission (Typographical Errors In 'Why Moats Matter: The Morningstar Approach to Stock Investing')

    Rishi Chopra

      May I please inquire as to whether there might be some way to submit a short list of items to be reconciled with any existing errata for Wiley's 'Why Moats Matter: The Morningstar Approach to Stock Investing'?


      Thanks in advance for any time/attention which can be afforded to the question...


      PS:  Apologies if the discussion thread was created in the wrong place (it almost certainly) was... but there was no selection for "Wiley: Custom" at 'hub.wiley.com/support' & the text itself has no mention of an address to which errata can be submitted (let alone other information which could be used for the purposes of the same - especially in light of the authors not having public contact information)...


      PPS:  The items to be reconciled are as follows:



      (Engineering Services)


      "Wide moats are possible in the engineering services industry, more so than with many other types energy firms, …" -> "…types of energy firms…" OR "…many other energy firm types…"


      (Financial Exchanges)


      "First, exchanges deploy trading technology that requires significant investments…" -> "…deploy a trading technology…" or "…deploy trading technologies…"


      (IT Services)


      "Depth can be measured by looking at the trends in revenue generated from the top five to 10 accounts…" -> "…five to ten…" OR "…5 to 10…"




      "Is the gain or loss short term or permanent?" -> "…loss short-term or permanent?"




      "As a result, software firms can see high renewal rates, creating an annuitylike revenue stream." -> "…annuity-like…"