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    Registration code is invalid???????

    Andrew Williams

      Hi, I recently bought the Wiley E-Text that told me to download my E-Book from vitalsource.com. I have my E-book and it is working fine. However, I do NOT know why my code will NOT work for a Wiley Plus account. I paid $170.00 for this E-book and am not sure if I need to purchase a separate portion of Wiley in order to access my homework, as it was NEVER CLARIFIED when i purchased this product. Do I need to buy something else if I already have a code for the E-Book, which should include an "All-Access Pack"?


      I tried to enter the code into the Wiley Plus registration page and it did not work. My professor told me I would also have homework assignments through Wiley Plus that I need to complete for a grade. Can somebody clarify this for me?


      Also I tried to reach Wiley's Technical Support Page and had a lot of trouble finding it and the customer service page has not been helpful at all as to answering my question. Please help.