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    Introducing Autodesk Maya 2016.  Pages 346, 347 and 348

    Juan Pedrosa

      Dear Sirs:

      I have found new errors in his book, which make learning enormously difficult.


      On page 346, in point 2, where they indicate "Try entering 0.5 for Curvature", I think I should say 50.0, since it is impossible to otherwise match the rotation with that shown in Figure 8.39.


      On pages 347 and 348, the data indicating, in point 6: "Go to frame 60 and set Curvature to 0.8".

      In point 9, frame 70 "Set Curvature to about 0.79".

      In point 10, frame 90 "Curvature at 0", "key at 0.82 for frame 97", and "frame 103 ... Curvature of -0.8".


      All data are incorrect and do not match the ones that appear correctly in the scene: "catapult_anim_v2.mb", which are indicated for verification on page 349. In that scene the correct curvatures are:


      Frame 60: 45.837

      Frame 70: 45,683

      Frame 90: 45,245

      Frame 97: 46,983

      Frame 103: -45,837


      I ask you to make the necessary corrections and if it is possible to publish a faith of errata and send it to me.

      Thank you very much.

      Receive a warm greeting.