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    I can't export the database for X-BASS v1.2

    Ron Teffaine

      I get an error message when I try to export the database in X-BASS v1.2?  How can I correct this?

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          Chrys C.

          Hello Ron,


          Thank you for your post!


          I'm sorry for the troubles. Would you mind providing a screen shot of the error? Here's a guide on how to take a screen shot, if needed: http://goo.gl/WDqKg7


          Once you take the screen shot, save it in Word or Paint and then attach the saved file here.


          Have a good day!


          - Chrys

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            Ron Teffaine

            Hello Chrys,


            This is my second purchase of X-BASS.  I bought it a couple of years ago and updated it to version 1.2.  Then, I got a pop-up that a newer version was available.   Nevertheless, I couldn’t find my username or password because I had forgotten to backup that information in my Outlook program before our ICT department switched everything to Google Mail.  I was then unable to retrieve the old information in Outlook.  ICT are so busy that I didn’t try contacting them.  Moreover, their solution is always to re-image everything if something is wrong, which is a frustrating time-waster for me.  So, I thought I’d just purchase another copy, although the price had gone up to $66.00.  Anyway, I was happy to get a newer version, thinking that I could just export my old database from version 1.2 and import it into
            X-BASS version 1.4.  Unfortunately, it did not export from version 1.2.  Instead, I got a run-time error ‘52.’  Then, I copied both X-BASS versions into a folder on a computer I have at home.  The export from version 1.2 seemed to work (no error pop-ups), but only the student’s names and demographic information from the Start tab was imported into version 1.4, not any of the students’ data on the other tabs.  I really want to know how to fix this.  I deserve a program that works properly.  I’ve included an attachment that shows the run-time error from my work laptop computer.  My laptop computer from work uses Excel 2013, whereas my home computer uses Excel 2016.  Both machines have macros enabled.


            Ron Teffaine, M.Ed.

            School Psychologist


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