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    Microsoft Official Academic Course Micorsoft office 2013

    Amy Gazzier

      My book is the the title listed above as well as Custom Edition. Columbia Southern University. Personal Fundamentals. ITC 3001. Wiley Custom Learning Solutions.

      I want to complete my lesson as I am following along with the book. I can not do that because I do not have the proper download. I can not seem to find anyone who knows how to download this program that is compatible with your book. Please assist. The book can not be located at wiley.com . The book looks like a bridge with cars driving over it at sun down. The lesson start up states to be sure that you have downloaded Office Lessons Folder (ITS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND). Therefore I can not complete my lesson.  Please assist with this matter.

      Amy Gazzier

      I will accept text messages or calls 228-990-2751 (tonight even)