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    Can i registering for 2 classes that use the same book?

    anthony vazquez

      Im trying to register on WileyPLUS for the classes Phys 151 (course id 521620) and Phys 250 (course id 521336). i managed to register for one class 521336 but when i go to register for the second i get the error "You are already registered for a different class section within this course. Please go to your class section URL to log in." Just to be clear of what my procedure is im going to page Home / Log In - WileyPlus then in the box that says 'REGISTER FOR A NEW CLASS' i type in my course id of 521620. The next page to appear shows my class im trying to register and the text book it uses. It asks me to either log in or create a new account. Upon typing my information to log in and clicking the big green button that says log in the page refreshes and shows the message that i listed above. I had no trouble registering for the first course.


      After an hour and a half with 2 different tech supports (one guy hung up on me) i come to this section for help. My college is Raritan Valley Community College.