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    Revit 2017 project files

    Mike wilkinson

      Good Afternoon,

      Just picked up "Revit 2017 No Experience Required". Went to sybex.com/go/revit2017ner for project files (assume rvt files?) and only see bonus chapters PDF available.

      Are these coming later?

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          Chrys C.

          Hello Mike,


          Thank you for your post!


          I'll report this to our editorial team, for correction. In the meantime, you might find the files you need here: www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-1119059534,miniSiteCd-SYBEX.html#downloads


          Generally, the files do not change much from 1 year's edition to the next. But, you may notice inconsistencies. I'll post again in this thread when I hear back from the editor telling me the files are now available on the 2017 site.


          Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!


          - Chrys

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              Fred Ng

              Hi Chrys,


              I'm in similar situation with Mike who composed the earlier post - Purchased the book and found out the project files (.rvt) including those associated with the bonus chapters were not available!  Your reply earlier indicated a link from the 2016 version of the book but the chapters were somehow inconsistent with the 2017 version (e.g.v2016 has 18 basic chapters and 4 bonus chapters versus v2017 has 14 basic chapters and 8 bonus chapters).  Highly appreciate if SYBEX can strighten this out!


              Thanks very much.


              - Fred