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    Can't register for class!

    Daril Nantchouang

      I was not not able to register for my physics course ( 528987 ), this is the error code I was receiving: "You are already registered for a different class section within this course. Please go to your class section URL to log in."


      That is a false error because I was not registered for the same class in a different section. I talked to someone on live chat. They were able to pull me in but they took me out of my other physics class (528171) that I am also taking this semester. I need to use wileyplus for both of theses classes (528171 & 528987) and they use the same textbook. Both courses are offered at Louisiana State University.


      I did request for additional help via chat but the people I talk to always end the chat without resolving my issue or saying goodbye. Please look into my situation, need to register for my classes!


      Thank you!




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          Tom with Wiley

          Hello Daril, I'm sorry for the confusion surrounding this issue.  Reaching out to "Live Chat" is the best way to handle registration errors, and I appreciate the time you took to do so.


          I understand what you are trying to do: register for both classes at the same time.


          I'm creating a technical support case for you and emailing you personally with details on how to do this.  You should have it shortly.



          Tom with Wiley

          Community / Senior Technical Support Rep