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    Purchasing access code

    Christopher McCann

      Hey guys just wondering if anyone could solve this problem for me,


      So the semester just started and I just enrolled for the 14 day trial for my Human Anatomy course because I was waiting for the money to buy the access code online. However when I look at the full registering option: it doesn't show the option to buy the access code online. So is this a glitch in the system or do i have to wait to buy the access code? I want to avoid actually buying the physical textbook with the code because I have a bookshelf of many anatomy books already.

      Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.25.51 PM.png


      The image shows the option to be missing, and when I check the other option (for having a registration code) It does open up and has the directions. Any ideas on what may be happening?



      Christopher McCann