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    Relationship name changed on report

    Vicky Pond Dunlop



      I have downloaded an LPI 360 for a client and have found that the relationship categories that I loaded in his LPI have changed. One specifically has changed to the relationship 'Other' in his report when I did not load any relationship names against 'Other'. I need to have an urgent reply as I need to do the feedback report by the end of the day.


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          Chrys C.

          Hello Vicky,


          Thank you for your question!


          The LPI Online system was designed to help preserve the anonymity of Observers; however there are a few things to keep in mind. LPI Online asks Leaders to categorized their relationship with each Observer as a (1) Co-worker, (2) Direct Report, (3) Manager, or (4) Other. When the Leader views his or her LPI feedback report, the Observer feedback from each relationship category is pooled and presented by category-individuals are not identified.


          With this arrangement, if a category contains only one Observer that has responded, the feedback of that Observer could be easily recognized. To help prevent this, the LPI Online system takes this feedback and pools it with the feedback in the "Other" category. The exceptions to this are with the "Manager" category and the "Other" category. A single Observer in the "Manager" or "Other" category will not be pooled. If you are a manager concerned about anonymity, then please contact your LPI Online Administrator. You should also avoid assigning just one "Other" observer.


          I hope this helps. Have a great day!


          - Chrys

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              Tony Brown

              Hi Chrys/Wiley folks


              I have a similar issue regarding observers in the "Other" category.


              The reply to Vicky states that "A single Observer in the "Manager" or "Other" category will not be pooled."


              Some of the reports for leaders in my group have just a single observer categorized as "Other". In some cases only one "Other" was assigned by the leader and in other cases only one of two or more observers categorized as "Other' by the leader have completed the assessment. However we have sufficient responses overall to generate the reports and several reminders have been sent to all who had not completed their assessment. We're now over two weeks past the due date so I can't wait any longer.


              Should I manually adjust the observers categorized as "Other" in "Manage Observers" to "Co-worker"?  This seems the only way to preserve the observer anonymity when there is just one "Other" observer.


              Another related question: what happens if there is just one "Direct Report" and no "Others" assigned by the leader? Will that single Direct Report be moved to the "Other" category? If so,  they will still be identifiable. Should they be moved to "Co-worker" as I've suggested above?