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    Error in Excel For Dummies 2007

    Art Kieran

      Excel for Dummies 2007 - Chapter 8 Doing What-If Analysis.

      Page 260.  The Figure 8-3 and the text in steps 3 and 4 on that page don't agree. 
      It looks to me like the Text (steps 3 and 4) that say enter address $B$4 in Row Input

      and $B$3 in Column Input is correct.

      BUT figure 8-3 on that page shows the opposite - $B$3 entered in Row Input and $B$4 in Column Input.


      in the next illustration (8-4) on page 261, the results shown only work if the entries,

      that I think are wrong, are entered as shown in figure 8-3.


      I'm really new to this and would like to know if I'm right or if I need to start over (after

      coffee and sleep -- well maybe sleep and then coffee).


      Any help appreciated.