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    Can't access GMAT practice problems

    Marissa OLeary

      Every time I try to load the practice problems on line the square dots just continue to spin. I have tried solutions from previous post - e.g erasing history, using private browser etc. - but I have not had any success.

        • Re: Can't access GMAT practice problems
          Chrys C.

          I'm sorry for the inconvenience, Marissa!


          Fortunately, we have not been able to reproduce this error in any specific account, and it usually appears to be browser-specific. Have you tried with a different browser, yet?


          Please let me know if the error persists in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Mac).


          If you do not have another browser available on your current computer/device, please try using another computer to see if the error persists.


          I hope this resolves the issue, but please let me know if it does not so I can further investigate your account. Have a great day!


          - Chrys