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    The price online £37.49 - but at check out £49.90 ???!

    laura brazaite

      Applying IFRS Standards, 4th Edition - Ruth Picker, Kerry Clark, John Dunn, David Kolitz, Gilad Livne, Janice Loftus, Leo van der Tas


      ISBN: 978-1-119-25077-7


      I want to buy this as e-book. Why does the price change at check out??


      Thank you



        • Re: The price online £37.49 - but at check out £49.90 ???!
          Mercedes J

          Hello Laura,


          I apologize for the trouble you are having purchasing the ebook at the correct price. The correct price of this ebook is £37.49. Unfortunately, it appears there may be an issue with the Wiley shopping cart since the pricing is changing. If you would like to continue the purchase online, Wiley Customer Service would be happy to issue a refund for the increased price. However, you are also welcome to place an order over the phone to ensure you are only charged £37.49.


          Wiley Customer Service can be reached at 44-1243-779777.




          Wiley Customer Service