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    Test Bank Registration Issues

    Patrick Collard

      The test bank registration form is broken leading to an error message being displayed.

      Exception information:

      Fatal error: Call to a member function getMessage() on a non-object in /home/sybextestbanks/public_html/application/views/scripts/error/error.phtml on line 9


      The output also contains troubling information about the database structure:

      "INSERT INTO `users` (`Password`, `Role`, `Name`, `Email`, `first_pass`) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?)" [1]=> &array(5) { [0]=> string(32) "b78ba3698ea87701ea0599a1bd110349" [1]=> string(4) "user" [2]=> string(15) "Bob Smith" [3]=> string(25) "fail@wiley.com" [4]=> string(8) "failpass" }


      The password field is an unsalted md5 hash of the password...

      There is a first_pass field which contains the plain text password...