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    The edugen.wileyplus.com page isn’t working

    Maddie Iribarren

      This is what pops up on my screen when I try to access my class that I have accessed error-free since the class started about two weeks ago. The page then goes on to say that edugen.wileyplus.com has redirected me too many times, and that I should try reloading the page and clearing my cookies. Neither of these have worked for me.I tried using different web browsers and different devices(like my phone) to access the class page,however I experience the same thing when I do those. I then tried to use my already active and working account associated with this class to Contact Customer support, however when they ask me to put in my username and password for my account, it then says that either I entered the information worng or and account does not exist. So I went back in my email history to the very first email that I ever received from wiley plus in which they tell you your username and password, I very carefully entered that information, however it still says that account does not exist. How am I supposed to contact customer support when wileyplus requires me to log in again when I want to 'Live Chat' or 'Contact Us'? Because this account was not working, I tried to make a separate account just so that I could contact Wileyplus, however this page had an error, saying it needed HTML support or something long those lines. So now I am posting this under "start a discussion" because I don't know how else to get support in this situation. Please help I have to do my homework.