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    Email alert in sleep mode?

    Ann Tamplin

      I recently had to reset my iPad. I usually put  into sleep mode when I'm not using it. Since resetting I've noticed that I get my email alert tone even though it's in sleep mode. I'm sure I never heard the tone prior to the reset but I can't find out what's happened! HELP

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          Tom with Wiley

          I'm sorry you're having trouble with your iPad, Ann.  Unfortunately, Wiley doesn't provide support for Apple devices, as they are far better equipped to support their own product here.


          That being said, through my google searches I was able to find suggestions of putting your iPad on mute, as sleep mode doesn't prevent your iPad from getting signals, like email.  Or, you could put it into airplane mode, which will completely prevent it from receiving any signal, and thus you won't receive any notifications, and the battery will be less taxed.


          I hope this helps.