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    Logging in with code

    jeremy king

      I have a hard copy of WileyPLUS and cant seem to find where I can access the content on line (I don't want to carry 1000 pages around with me everywhere.


      Can somebody tell me how to do this with ease please?





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          Tom with Wiley

          Hello Jeremy,


          WileyPLUS is a research-based online environment for effective teaching and learning, and can be accessed through www.wileyplus.com or through an integration, such as Blackboard or Canvas.  If you are referring to the textbook you use for your class, you can access that by logging into your WileyPLUS class section (using that textbook) and selecting "Read, Study & Practice."


          There you will find an online version of the book that is included with WileyPLUS at no extra cost.


          Tom with Wiley