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    Want to use my code.


      My A&P class does not have a section on here but I am not able to use my code or even make an account.  It would be nice if I could just make an account with my code and practice... How can I just do that?

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          Tom with Wiley

          Thank you for contacting us.


          Please know that our textbooks are packaged a variety of ways with various resources. The bookstore orders the version that the Professor(s) on your campus have selected for use.


          WileyPlus is an instructor-led resource. If your Professor has adopted the usage of WileyPlus, the Professor will provide each student with the class website to register and access the content the Professor has posted.


          If you are not enrolled in a WileyPlus class or your Professor has not adopted the usage of WileyPlus, there will be no content posted nor a website created for you to access.  Your Professor must be using WileyPlus in order for you to access this system.


          If WileyPlus is packaged with your book at your college bookstore, then please be aware there is an additional charge for the included WileyPlus registration code. We would suggest returning the book with the WileyPLUS code and get the proper book without the WileyPLUS code.



              Tom with Wiley