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    ASVAB for dummies question

    Sohye Kim

      As I was studying ASVAB for dummies, I have 2 questions.


      On the page 89-92 of 2019/2020 ASVAB for dummies, there are some math.


      this is the question


      and this is the answer sheet.


      on number 7, there is a question x⁴ - 16=0.

      so that leads me  x⁴ = 16 therefore the x = 2.

      but I can't understand why the answer started as x²-16=0 which leads the answer to x=4.

      please help me understand.


      and one more question on question number 19.


      this is the question


      and this is the answer.


      as the answer said median is the middle number in a series when the numbers are in order.

      So we have 5 numbers 73 /81 /90 /92 /97 in order. in this case the median number has to be 90 isnt it?

      Also there is no correct choice of answer on the question and the answer said A which is 81 and I don't agree with it.

      please help me understand this one if im wrong.


      thank you.