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    Where does one go to find this?

    Nancy Nishimura

      There is a note in Chapter 3 on page 3-12 regarding Best Buy.  Inside the information is a comment that one should "(Go to WileyPLUS for this answer and additional questions.)"  How do you do that?  Where in WileyPLUS do I go to find that answer and additional questions?

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          Chrys C.

          Hello Nancy,


          Thank you for your post.


          Are you enrolled in a class section with an instructor who is using WileyPLUS? If so, they will have provided you with registration instructions and you can then find the resource by navigating to the textbook within WileyPLUS.


          If you are not taking a class which uses WileyPLUS, then the resource is not available.


          Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!