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    Free 1-Year Access to Online Self Paced Training Via Access Code

    Toika Embrack

      Dear Wiley -


      I recently purchased the Excel 2010 for Dummies eLearning Kit that advertises the Free 1-year access to online, self-paced training via an access code.  The reason I paid $39.99 instead of the $16-$19 version was in order to have this systematic, organized training available.  On the inside book cover I'm instructed to go to Dummies.com and click "Activate Now."  I have an access code included with this book, but nothing happens when I try to access the training.  I would have purchased the cheaper version had I known this option was no longer available.  What I need is ... 1) The explanation of how to access this training if it is indeed still available or 2)  If this training is no longer available, a refund of my book purchase so that I can purchase the lower costing book and just find youtube.com training online. 


      Thank you. 


      Toika Embrack

      John 3:16