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    Promo Code not working

    Michael Cole


           I am a student at the University of Memphis in Tennessee. I am required to get the WileyPlus membership for my Physics class (Halliday, Physics, 10e, Fall 2019, Shen PHYS 2110 001 Course Id:A82036). My free week trial for the subscription ended recently, so I went to purchase the 6 month access for 90$. My teacher supplied the class with a special promo code (UOM11) that was supposed to give a discounted price of 85.95 (not even 5$ off! That's so much!). However, when I went to the checkout screen and entered the code, while it said that it accepted it, the code did not take off any amount from the initial price. The "discount" was listed under the purchase receipt, but said it gave a discount of 0.00$. I am not sure what the issue is. I asked my teacher and he said to contact Wiley, but I emailed them 2 different times in 2 different ways (through regular email and then once on their site) with no response within 3 days. Posting this is my last resort before I just reluctantly purchase the full (ridiculously expensive) price. Any help would be appreciated.



      a very annoyed student