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    I bought WileyPlus not working

    Joshua Oh

      I bought WileyPlus for 130$ and registered my math course along with the e-textbook that corresponds to it. However, anytime I try to access the textbook or modules, the "access your course with wileyPlus" advert keeps appearing. I already have bought wileyPlus, and I even pressed the free trial button to see if it was a bug, but then the free trial button simply disappeared and the page is otherwise unchanged. How on earth can I get my WileyPlus to work?

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          Brynn Eldred

          The same thing happened to me! I bought the digital textbook and registration code for my business class. I used the registration code when making the account, and then it asked for the registration code again to access my class. I enter it again, and it says the registration code has already been used and for me to buy the registration code and book for $120. The site is so bugged. I had to create a separate Wiley account just to complain... and there was also an error sending the complaint. I been scammed.