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    I'm over Wileyplus-totally frustrated

    Tasha Hart

      It seems EVERY time I have to log into this program it makes me jump through hoops.

      I'm seriously so frustrated I'm on the verge of tears because I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

      On one hand I HAVE to use this product to complete my classes for college Spanish but on the other hand I find

      the product difficult to navigate and the frustration of logging in each time has me ready to quit this class all together

      just to avoid this pain staking process.

      It gives me an error message every time I log in that my email or my password is incorrect. Since we have to use our

      school email addresses I know it isn't that because it is the only one I use for this program. That means it is not accepting my

      password. Yes I've written it down and carefully entered it several times to be sure of no mistakes etc. It never fails I have to

      select forgot password - wait for an email to come which sometimes doesn't. click the link, reset my password then log in only

      to have to do the process all over again the very next time I have to get into it. Currently I've spent 30 mins trying to log into Wileyplus

      time I could have used studying or completing an actual assignment. Somebody tell me it isn't just me.