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    Access Denied - Wiley

    Brian Christopher Hilado

      Hello, I try to open my assignments in wiley but this appears


      Access Denied

      You don't have permission to access "http://edugen.wileyplus.com/edugen/imsblti/provider" on this server.

      Reference #18.3c6b473a.1553071496.66cb360e


      I've tried clearing my cache and history and everything it still won't work. And it all happen to my other assignments and excercises too. I can't open them.


      Please fix I need to answer them soon before the due date.


      https://mapua.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/content/listContent.jsp?course_id=_47047_1&content_id=_648037_1&mode=res… dfds.png