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    Mark Revesai

      I need help to register my online class on Wiley. I needed someone to walk me through the process

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          Chrys C.

          Hello Mark,


          Your instructor should have provided you with a student flyer which contains the step-by-step instructions for accessing your class section.


          If you do not have that, what is your instructor's name and I will see if I can assist?


          Have a great day!

          - Chrys

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              Joe Waters

              Hi, my name is Joe, and I am new to Wiley plus.  I have not a clue,  as to what to do next. Would you mind assisting  me with navigating this Web site? For starters professor: C vance, is my instructor. FCS 06 Is the course. 43256 is the course code. This has got me completely baffled. Any help you can give me is appreciated. I almost forgot the name of my school is. San Joaquin Delta Community College.