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    Error: 500 Invalid Parameters HORRIBLE WILEY CUSTOMER SUPPORT

    Isabelle Congdon


      About two months ago I began to receive this error message when trying to access WIleyPlus. I immediately contacted WileySupport and was only given the answer "clear your cache". Even after clearing my cache on all browsers the error message continued to pop up. The same thing would happen even if I tried to access Wiley on my iPhone. Since then they sent me an email saying they were elevating my problem, however, it has been a week since I've heard anything. This is frustrating considering I've paid a ridiculous amount of money for this service and had it unavailable for use for almost half of the semester. We are about to begin finals, and I could not be more frustrated and disgusted with the customer service at Wilet. Has anyone else experienced this problem and how have they fixed it?

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          Chrys C.

          Hello Isabelle,


          Thank you for your post! I'm sorry for the inconvenience.


          I see that your issue seems to be inconsistently persistent. Your message on 11/13 indicated that the issue was resolved, but then you followed up to say that it continued. We then asked you to clear your cache and cookies, as an inconsistently persistent issue is indicative of a caching issue. Since this did not resolve the issue, we have our case management team investigating the error.


          I recommend two things:

          1. Access the eText content from within the individual sections from modules, instead of using the eText link on the left navigation.

          2. Forward our escalation email to your instructor so that they are aware that you are having an issue accessing materials and that we are investigating the issue.


          Your school is using their own instance of Canvas. This creates a challenge in resolving the problem, as well, as it requires us to identify a solution and then work with the school to implement the solution. We will be reaching out to your instructor, and the school's Canvas administrator, once a solution is available.


          I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great holiday weekend!


          - Chrys