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    Unable to access to gmat.wiley.com

    Yangrong Pan


      I've not been able to acceess to the test bank since yesterday,  the responses have been ERR_TIMED_OUT


      Is it just me or there's something wrong with the server? I've tried clearing my cache and cookies,  attempting in a private browsing mode  and even using a VPN, and none worked.

      Hope to get some advice

        • Re: Unable to access to gmat.wiley.com
          Tia Morley

          Dear Yangrog Pan,


          Thank you for your email to our Jive platform.


          Please be advised that I am unable to assist you directly myself however, if you could confirm your email address in your next email and I would be happy to forward your request on to our Technical Support Team for assistance.


          If you have any queries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


          Many thanks,


          Tia Morley

          Customer Service Advisor